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Classic Rock Photographs from Yesterday and Today


Classic Rock Photographs from Yesterday & Today

How to Order:

E-mail me at 


Price $25.00 includes tax and shipping in the USA


Checks or money orders only


Available at these stores: 

Rolling Stones Records, Norridge, IL

Black Circle Records, Lake Geneva, WI

Val's Halla Records, Oak Park, IL

The Arcada Theater Rock Shop, St. Charles, IL

The Illinois Rock & Roll Museum, Joliet, IL


Bill & Wendy Show Interview on WGN Radio 11.15.19

Book Promo - Kim Simmonds.jpg

Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown

Book Promo - Roger Earl - Web Site.jpg

Roger Earl, Foghat

Carmine Appice.jpg
Don Felder.jpg

Carmine Appice, Vanilla Fudge

Don Felder, The Eagles

Onesti Promoting Book.JPG
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Andy
Rock Hall of Fame - Library & Archives -

Ron Onesti (above) from the Arcada Theatre promoting that "Classic Rock Photographs from Yesterday & Today" is available at the Arcada Theatre store.

Jim and Mark with Andy Leach, Senior Director of Library & Archives, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Mark and Jim with Laura Maidens, Librarian, and Jennie Thomas, Director of Archives, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Andy Powell.jpg

Andy Powell, Wishbone Ash

Martin Barre_low.jpg
Danny Seraphine.jpg
Glenn Hughes.jpg

Danny Seraphine, Chicago

Mitch Michaels.jpg

Glenn Hughes, Deep Purple

Tommy James.jpg

Martin Barre, Jethro Tull

Mitch Michaels, 95.9FM The River

Tommy James, The Shondells 

Felix Cavaliere.jpg
Artimus Pyle, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Doug Gray, Marshall Tucker Band

Felix Cavaliere, The Rascals 

Buck Dharma, Blue Oyster Cult

Buck Dharma, Blue Oyster Cult

Artimus Pyle, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Doug Gray, Marshall Tucker Band

Phil Mogg, UFO
Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, America

Phil Mogg, UFO

Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell, America

Mark Farner

Mark Farner, Grand Funk Railroad

Bill & Wendy Show, WGN 720 AM

Bill & Wendy Show, WGN 720 AM

Joan Esposito, WCPT 820 AM
Scott Davidson, Rebel Radio, WPJX 92.5 F

Joan Esposito, WCPT 820 AM

Scott Davidson, Rebel Radio, WPJX 92.5 FM

Jimy Sohns, Shadows of Knight

Playtime with Bill and Kerri, WCGO 1590 AM

Jimy Sohns, Shadows of Knight

Daily Herald Article - June 1,  2019.jpg

Daily Herald Article - June 1,  2019

Bravo Magazine Interview - July

Bravo Magazine Interview - July 2019

Good Times Book Review - Germany -  May

Good Times Book Review - Germany - May 2019




“Wow…what a beautiful book of photos.  An amazing collection.  You really captured these artists at their best.  I admire Jim for his work and am happy to have this chronicle of it.”

Pat St. John - Host on Sirius Radio XM - Classic Rewind


"The book features the original, high-quality performance photography of veteran photojournalist, Jim Summaria. Through his camera lens, readers get a front row view of many Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in performance as well as other artists often overlooked but whose contributions are compelling.  The addition of interesting facts, figures, trivia and quotes researched by Mark Plotnick gives readers even more to enjoy about these celebrated performers."

Steve Brock - Delphi Forums Book Reviews on the Internet


"Jim Summaria truly knows how to capture the emotion of a live-music performance through his camera, so a book that features his photos with Mark Plotnick's accompanying artist bios and facts is welcome news indeed."

Rich Osweiler - Associate Editor for Premier Guitar Magazine


"This collaboration by two Chicagoland experts in their fields, this scintillating coffee table gem, is a veritable feast for the eyes as well as a glorious spin down rock 'n' roll memory lane."

Lisa Torem - Music Critic - Penny Black Music Online Rock Magazine


"The book is magical.  Enjoy all the artists.  The book is the coolest.  All the greats are inside the glossy pages."

Fred Montag - Lake Forest College Radio Host

Amazon (Over 90 5-Star Reviews)

This book is FANTASTIC!! I could actually hear the music while looking at the pictures!!

Erica F.           5.0 out of 5 stars


Reading about and seeing pictures of these classic rock bands allows you to go back in time and revisit those places when you enjoyed listening to their music and perhaps seeing many of them perform in concert. 

Tom L.            5.0 out of 5 stars


This book is just a lot of fun to look at and read. Great photos that span the decades of rock and roll.

Jay C.             5.0 out of 5 stars


Just finished reading this book for the third time in the last three days. What a trip down memory lane! Jim’s photos are superb and Mark’s write up provides a real history lesson into this musical era. 

Steve L.          5.0 out of 5 stars


More than just a coffee table book. This is meant to be held and read and absorbed.

Jack L.           5.0 out of 5 stars

Classic Rock Artists

"The 1970s was a very optimistic time for music. Wishbone Ash on tour, perfectly captured this. Deep musical and visually stylistic  roots were laid down by us and several of the bands of this era. Professional photographers were drawn to the images created by the bands onstage and none produced better work than Jim Summaria. He captured forever the nuances of the times in his images; both technically and artistically speaking, instantly taking one back in the day but also shedding a fresh light on the life and times of the artists portrayed."

Andy Powell/Wishbone Ash


"Jim has consistently, over the years, produced wonderful photos of myself and the band.  It's been a delight to know him and to have such a professional putting his talents into capturing my career in pictures."

Kim Simmonds/Savoy Brown


"The photos of Jim Summaria eloquently capture moments when my band reached out to our audience with our message and music.  And Mark Plotnick gives old and new fans of our music a history of the songs and the events that encapsulate our musical journey..out and in and through the years."

Mike Pinder/The Moody Blues

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